Root Explorer Apk For Android – Best Android File Manager 2017

If it is a file manager you are looking for then root explorer apk is the right one, due to its name many individuals misunderstand and think that it is a rooting app. But root explorer is actually a supreme file manager for the rooted devices it provides access to the whole Android file system which includes the data folder as well. Before you go any further make sure that you have a rooted Android device otherwise this app is of no use to you.

If you are not sure how to root your Android phone you might want to choose one of the latest one-click rooting apps these are by far the most secure way to root an android phone and have the least possible risks and you don’t need to use PC with any of these rooting apps. you must be aware that having just a rooting app is not enough there has to be a way using which we can manage the rooted device file system as well that is where root explorer comes and if you are interested in finding out more just take a look at the below features of Root Explorer.


Root Explorer – Download Root Explorer App For Android 2017

Root Explorer Apk Download
Root Explorer Apk Download

Features Of Root Explorer;

  • Every Root Explorer app comes with a tabbed interface. These open the folders in separate tabs which make switching between them a lot easier.
  • There is no need to get an extra software for text editing it is all taken care of by the built-in text editor.
  • It helps in Creating and extracting ZIP as well as TAR/GZIP files. and it also takes care of creating backups of files and folders and also assists in extracting compressed files.
  • with a root explorer, you can extract RAR archives on your Android device. it saves you the trouble of getting additional software just for that purpose.
  • In case you want to find out more about any apk on your phone you can make use of the APK binary XML viewer it lets the user view any manifest of apk on an Android device.
  • Most of the Android device open a particular file type with a specific application or program so if you want to have options you can make use of the “open with” feature, it overrides the defaults and allows you choose a program from a list.
  • This is true with every Root Explorer, it gives permissions control such as setting read or write permissions whenever you want to edit or copy the system files.
  • The MD5 Hash check has bee provided specifically for checking the credibility of the apps that you got from not so trusted sites it is there to make sure that these applications haven’t been tampered with.

Now that you know what you gain from root explorer apk you might want to know how the installation process works just take a look and the following steps and you should have no trouble using it on your Android phone.

How to install Root Explorer Apk On Android?

Root Explorer
Root Explorer

Before beginning the installation process make sure that you have enabled the unknown sources, which will come in handy if the below link doesn’t work out for your device due to any reason and you have to download root explorer apk from the official source, but it is strongly advised to download this file from the official sources it poses fewer security threats as third party apps are usually manipulated ones and might prove harmful to your Android phone in a lot of ways.


Step 1: First of all, you have to download root explorer app from the official website by searching the web.

Step 2: After the download is complete install the Root Explorer apk file on your Android device for that you just have to go to your file manager and tap on the downloaded file.

Step 3: Once the installation process is complete launch the app on your phone.

Step 4: Now you have to go to the data folder present in Root Explorer and there you can move to the next data folder.

Step 5: Now you can select the game that you want to make changes to.

Step 6: Once you are there you have to go to the shared_prefs.

Step 7: Now go to the game-name.xml file.  Where you can enter the name of the game you want to hack in game-name=name.

Step 8. now that, that is taken care of you can edit the code as per your requirements and make whatever changes you want to make to the game.

Step 9. Now that you have done all the hard work just click on same and you can begin enjoying the game.


You must have heard about all the amazing things you can do after you have rooted a device, most of those features come via a root explorer, these root explorer make it possible for the Android devices to have features such as being able to get rid of the pre-installed crapware on the phone which they earlier had no means to get rid once the device is rooted a user can get a root explorer or a management app which will help in uninstalling those apps for them. Apart from that it even allows for installation of new system apps which was not possible before you rooted your device.  There are many similar working file managers for Android out there, like root browser, MiXplorer, and others.


Wrapping up,

It’s safe to say that a Root Explorer is pretty much like a much-needed commodity if you have rooted your Android device, once you have rooted your Android device you will need a way to assess the folders and root explorer makes that easy. There are many options of file manager for you to choose one the reason to choose this one is that it is simple and has been developed just for providing users an easy way to manage all their files after they have rooted their Android phone. The final decision is entirely up to you, if this one doesn’t work for you then you can try out others.